Academics at BES

As children move from the safety and protection of home into an educational setting, they need a community of people who will challenge them where they need to be challenged, yet always be ready to recognize and celebrate their gifts. For 65 years, Beaches Episcopal School has a tradition of helping children grow both intellectually and spiritually.

BES students, ranging from PreK3 through sixth grade, are mentored by our expert faculty and challenged with a strong academic curriculum that is enhanced by our outstanding enrichment programs. These enrichment classes, many of which are disappearing from public schools, including fine arts, Christian Education, Spanish, and Physical Education. These programs help us teach the whole child and provide students with much-needed outlets for discovery and creativity and new opportunities to succeed.

Our Approach

The faculty is a team of experienced and dedicated teachers who are enthusiastic about their subject areas, their students, and teaching. BES teachers help lead the children to seek out answers for themselves so that they become self-motivated learners. They identify students' individual aptitudes and interests and use them as a springboard to help the child achieve success in other areas. BES teachers work together to help students make connections across disciplines. A concept or theme explored in science might be taken up in library, expressed in music, or discussed in chapel. Children are encouraged to relate what they are studying to the world so that learning continues outside of the classroom and into life.

The BES campus and classrooms are also fully equipped with Apple technology, including a computer lab, 3D printer, laser cutter, SMARTBoards, and computers in our classrooms. The addition of the science labs and a science program infused with a STEM-based approach helps breed a learning environment of excitement and discovery. iPads and an iPad cart also add to the students' learning experience through an interactive technology program that promotes the school's educational philosophy.

Grade Level Overview 

Learn more about the academic program, including enrichments, for each grade level range as students progress through our school. 

PreK3 and PreK4

Kindergarten and Grades 1-2
Grades 3-4
Grades 5-6