Remote Learning Program for Beaches Episcopal School

This page outlines Beaches Episcopal School's program for providing academic instruction through remote learning in the case that the school campus is closed for an extended period. This plan includes guidelines for our initial approach to remote learning, which, it is important to note, maybe altered as circumstances dictate and as we determine what works best. Any changes in approach or content will be communicated by the school in a timely way. For the latest information on our school status, please visit

Daily Schedules

The teachers have prepared formalized and detailed daily schedules. The schedules will help students and families to better structure remote learning days at home. The schedules meet the minimum required curricular hours by grade as stated by FCIS.

Adhering to the schedule, regular attendance, and the completion of assignments/projects/assessments are important components of the remote learning program.

Details and Schedules:

Pre-K 3

Pre-K 4 (Mrs. Howard)

Pre-K 4 (Mrs. Palmer)


First Grade

Second Grade (Mrs. T)

Second grade (Mrs. Shilling)

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade


Google Classroom

The extent to which Google Classroom is used will vary by grade level. Many students, particularly those in the upper grades, are already accustomed to using Google Classroom.

How to Videos from Mrs. Devers
How to Attach an Assignment in Google Classroom


Zoom conferencing will be used by all teachers as a way to check in with students daily to review material and answer questions they may have. We will also use Zoom as a means for taking attendance.

Students should not use the Zoom app issued to their school iPads for social meetings with their friends; it is only to be used for school conferencing.

Hard Copy Packets

In addition to Google Classroom and Zoom expectations, teachers of PreK, Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 have also sent home packets of hard copy assignments and ativities for students to complete.

All teachers have sent students home with notebooks, journals, textbooks, and libary books to use as resources during the remote learning period.


Though teachers have the same expectations for mastery of content and the same system for weighing grades, assessment may look different. Teachers have been putting a good deal of thought into the best ways to assess students remotely and they have been implementing new tools to make the process more practical for all.

Parents of students in Grades 3-6 can continue to check on the status of grades via RenWeb. Parents of all students can check on the status of a child’s grades or performance by checking in with individual teachers or checking your child’s Google Classrooms by subject.

Parents are asked to allow students to complete his or her assessments independently so teachers may truly see how well students are mastering content in order to adjust the curriculum accordingly. Also, students are bound to the BES honor code, which includes integrity, and this includes integrity of academic performance.

Guidelines for Remote Learning:

Zoom Etiquette

In order to avoid distractions and to provide students with the most productive and fair learning environment, students are to refrain from the following during Zoom time:

Chatting/texting within the app (and outside of the app during Zoom time)

  • Making signs and holding them up to the camera
  • Changing the background
  • Creating pictures on the screen
  • Jumping and making wild gestures
  • Bringing other family members into the picture
  • Snacking or eating a meal
  • Playing with toys
  • Other types of silly behavior and negative attention seeking that could be distracting to classmates


Though students do not need to wear school uniforms for remote learning, they will need to be in appropriate attire for Zoom conferencing and teachers are expected to dress professionally. Please see page 16 of the Student-Parent Handbook under “All” for details on appearance.


Students are expected to uphold BES’s set of values while working remotely. This includes following the Code of Conduct as outlined on page 11 of the Student-Parent Handbook and ensuring the work they are completing at home is done with the greatest integrity.


Regular communication between school and home is key to a successful remote learning program. Please know the teachers have been asked to stay in regular communication with you via email and they will be on call throughout the school day each day to answer your questions via email or Zoom conferences.

Social Time

It is also a good idea to ensure your child(ren) have time to be social with friends and classmates outside of work time. This can be done through Zoom, FaceTime, text messaging, (appropriate) gaming, or an old-fashioned phone call. Remember, this is a stressful time for them as well, and a social outlet will encourage good mental health!