New BES Blog: “Love Is…” by Ann Bauwens

Love is…

When my daughter was a little girl she would always say to me, “Momma, I love you.” Then I would say, “I love you even more!” But there is so much more about love than saying those words. Love demonstrated by our actions is the bond of our relationship with God and each other.

I used to teach Christian Education at Beaches Episcopal School many years ago. Those children taught me so much about love each day. More important than having them listen to my lessons for the class, I would take the time to thoughtfully listen to them and answer their questions about God, love, life, and friendships. “How do you show love?” I would ask the children. Over the years, the answers were consistently similar. Here are some.

  • Love is sharing your toys with someone.
  • Love is being kind.
  • Love is treating people nicely, especially if they are having a hard day.
  • Love is when I see my mom and dad dancing in the kitchen.
  • Love is being a true friend.
  • Love is making a friend with someone who is sitting alone.

Years ago, I was sitting in church with my head down in sadness. I was praying for someone I loved. A little boy around four years old must have seen my tears, and without a word, he gently approached me and gave me the sweetest hug and then walked away. I will never forget the love and healing power that hug gave me coming from a little child. I think that is why Jesus loves the little children so. Their hearts are pure and innocent, kind and thoughtful. Take time to really listen to not only your children, but other people, to see their heart, wipe away tears, smile, encourage, share of yourself, and pray for them. That is part of the action of love.

I am thankful for the little piece of heaven I experience each day when I see the children here at BES. For us, love is giving them a school where teachers have listening ears, understanding hearts, kind words, prayerful responses, and a safe place where you can be a child, growing in love, wisdom, and service to others. Ask your child what love is and share what it means to you. Look them in the eyes, touch their little hands, and enjoy these precious years together. Love never fails.

Ann Bauwens
Business Administrative Assistant
Beaches Episcopal School