Christian Education

Christian Education is a vital part of the spiritual life at Beaches Episcopal School, and it directly ties into our mission of reflecting God's love. Our program not only includes Chapel services and classes for pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade students, but extends also to the community in the form of community outreach activities. We are very proud of our student scripture study and how the students show true compassion and kindness to each other throughout the year.

Character Education

Character Education starts in the classrooms with morning meetings facilitated by the homeroom teachers. The program establishes a class environment that fosters integrated learning, thinking, cooperation and personal, social, and spiritual growth. This will help students develop skills to maintain good relationships with parents, peers, teachers and members of the community. The topics discussed are coordinated with the Christian Education curriculum throughout the school year, and lessons are facilitated by the school guidance counselor. A Character Education Chapel is held one Wednesday a month, and each grade level is given the opportunity to present the new theme of the month.