Computer Science

Computer Science class is an integral part of pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. The computer program enhances and integrates classroom lessons with the computer activities. Students learn how to type well-formatted assignments and papers coordinated with the classroom teachers.

Students at Beaches Episcopal School begin to learn and demonstrate an understanding of technology systems, and their proficiency in the use of technology grows each year. They learn the ethical and societal issues related to technology and how to practice responsible use of technology systems. The arrangement of the desk and computer monitors allows for maximum supervision of students.

A state-of-the-art Media Center/Library for PreK4 through sixth-grade students gives them the ability to learn with an interactive, highly regarded educational operating system which allows for enhanced learning. Students are writing computer code and participating in robotics.

Every classroom has iPads or Chrome books for student use. As the technology develops, the sky is certainly the limit as our students begin networking with others around the world.