Physical Education classes at Beaches Episcopal School provide second through sixth grade students with a program of activities to develop and maintain fitness. PE contributes to the well-being of the student. The total curriculum focuses on physical, mental, emotional, ethical, and social wellness.

As students develop an appreciation for physical fitness, explore recreational activities, contribute to team situations, and practice sportsmanship, they are acquiring habits and skills for a lifetime. The program offers the opportunities for students to engage in activities that allow the students to adapt their ability to the physically challenging skills provided in the program.

Kinesiology, the science dealing with the interrelationship of the physiological processes and anatomy of the human body as it relates to Movement, is a new program at BES. Learning through movement is very important in the age appropriate development of children. This provides the basics for more advanced skill development and personal growth of confidence.

Movement Education is taught using a variety of teaching styles including problem solving and guided discovery. The children learn through play, exploration, discovery and experimentation. The activities are child-centered and fun for all skill levels.