PreK3 and PreK4

The Early Childhood Program at Beaches Episcopal School includes both a three and four-year- old class. Children are encouraged to interact, grow, and actively learn in a developmentally appropriate environment. We strive to encourage a sense of independence and excitement in young children as they begin their formal educational experience. Inviting and cheerful classrooms provide conducive areas for developmental learning activities.

Social and emotional development is of utmost importance at this age as it is an indicator of future academic success. Our program fosters literacy by engaging in pre-reading, pre-writing, listening, and speaking skills. Math, science, and social studies are taught by providing hands-on experiences which stimulate inquiry based learning.

The children participate in weekly chapel services where they learn about God's unconditional love for them. Depending on the age, they also participate in enrichment classes which include music, art, computer science, Christian education, Spanish, and library.

Early Childhood

Our buddy program pairs younger and older students allowing the smallest children good role models to look up to and ensures that the older students appreciate the opportunity for leadership responsibilities.

The Beaches Episcopal School PreK3 and PreK4 programs provide a wholesome environment for learning by offering a variety of experiences where students are encouraged to develop inquisitive and creative minds. Ultimately, we work to inspire children and help them begin to see the connections that exist in their world as they prepare for a lifetime of learning.

Core Academic Subjects

Language Arts

  • Introduce and develop print awareness, phonemic awareness, listening strategies, and receptive and expressive communication
  • Increase language and vocabulary through hands-on experiences


  • Explore numbers, colors, relationships, geometry, and patterns through classification and grouping
  • Develop understanding of beginning concepts through use of manipulatives
  • Increase mathematics language and vocabulary through hands-on experiences


  • Explore our world through use of language and senses
  • Develop language to form questions from inquiry and exploration

Social Studies

  • Develop and improve communication skills receptively and expressively
  • Develop concepts through thematic exploration of our world



  • Explore creativity using various art materials
  • Elements of art are explored while creating personal works of art
  • Students are acquainted with some of the great artists and their works of art

Christian Education

  • Introduce concepts of God, prayer, and the Bible
  • Create an awareness of God’s love for each student
  • Use songs and Bible stories to help create an understanding of who God is and how much He loves each of us


  • Identify parts of a book.
  • Use proper behavior and listening skills during story time.
  • Exhibit proper checkout procedures, care of books, and proper return of materials.
  • Introduction of computer basics
  • Introduction of computer coding


  • Develop concept of body, space, effort and relationships
  • Perform locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills with body control
  • Incorporate Fruits of the Spirit concepts in daily lessons


  • Recognizes differences in sound
  • Listens to and sings songs
  • Begins to play classroom instruments
  • Responds to different tempos and styles of music through movement


  • Greetings and cultural awareness
  • Colors and calendar
  • Calendar and numbers 1-20
  • Family, emotions, and farm animals
  • Songs and games