BES Science Teacher and Cancer Survivor, Mrs. Doughty, lnspires Others by Completing Olympic Triathlon

Our inspirational science teacher and IDEAStudio director, Ansley Doughty, who is also a cancer survivor two times over, accomplished an amazing feat this past weekend. Mrs. Doughty shares, “On Sunday, I competed in the Hammerhead Olympic Triathlon at Camp Blanding. After giving up my training for the Augusta Half-Ironman last year to battle colon cancer, I was anxious about how well I would do at something more than a sprint distance. Through lots of prayer and positive thinking, I finished feeling great and was even more excited to find that I had placed third in my age group! I think perspective is key. It’s only because of where I have been that my motivation is stronger to keep moving forward. I hope it keeps moving me forward through my half-Ironman in October!”