BES Theme for 2018-2019: “We May Be Different Fish, But At Beaches Episcopal School, We All Swim Together”

BES is thrilled to share our new school theme for the 2018-2019 school year,”We May Be Different Fish, But At Beaches Episcopal School, We All Swim Together.” We believe that students come from all backgrounds and are wired differently by our Creator, but that we are to live in community and help each other grow in mind and heart.

Throughout the school year, this theme will be integrated into our classrooms and made manifest in community outreach projects as a reminder to our students to dream big and then take actionable steps to live for others as an example to their peers and as an act of sharing God’s love. We encourage our parents to partner with us to help students develop healthy habits, to take the initiative socially and academically, and to reach beyond themselves to impact the world around them. No dream is fully realized alone, and so our responsibility as a school is to give students tools to realize their God-given potential and inspire a sense of wonder and adventure that will set them on a course for success and significance.

We are excited about the possibilities related to this theme, and we look forward to joining parents in the task of shepherding our students to become all that God made them to be this year and beyond!