BES Zoom Conference Schedule for Students and Teachers

Zoom conferencing will be used by all teachers as a way to check in with students daily to review material and answer questions they may have. We will also use Zoom as a means for taking attendance. Please download the Zoom app on your device(s) if you do not already have it.

For students in Grades 3-6: Mrs. Devers will (remotely) push the Zoom app to the school-issued iPads your children brought home the Friday before Spring Break. The download process will need to be completed on your end at home. Again, Mrs. Devers is happy to help if you have difficulty with this process.

The Zoom conference links will be sent to students via email. Grades 3-6 teachers will send the links to the students’ school email addresses.* Pre-K – Grade 2 teachers will send the Zoom links to the parents’ email addresses. Individual teachers will explain how they will be using Zoom to engage students, as again, this may vary according to grade level. However, all students will need to participate in Zoom conferences. Remember that we will not begin Zoom conferences until Tuesday, March 24.

* Students should not use the Zoom app issued to their school iPads for social meetings with their friends; it is only to be used for school conferencing.

Click here to see the full Zoom Conference Schedule for BES Students and Teachers.